Episode 15

Shifting Behaviors/One-Degree Shift

Some changes are easy to make. For example, if you want to eat healthier, you can start by making small tweaks to your diet like adding more fruits and vegetables. However, it can be more difficult if they require changing long-held behaviors or beliefs.

In this episode Phil and Greg talk about Shifting Behaviors/One-Degree Shift. They share how this can produce a big result for you over time.  


  • On a sailing vessel, a one-degree shift can take a boat dangerously off its course over a vast ocean. But in a financial planning practice this shift, this break in pattern, allows you to experience real growth — visionary growth.
  • What is the one-degree shift for your practice that — relentlessly pursued over a period of three-to-five years — will take you to this new place? What risks would you take  to achieve dynamic growth?
  • When you pursue this discovery, you transition from a familiar past to a healthier, more productive future. You also will begin to recognize new ways of seeing practice development, market opportunity, branding initiatives and other possibilities.
  • Making this shift involves putting yourself in the position of running your business versus your business running you.
  • It is crucial to break free of limiting behavior patterns and set new goals as part of his one-degree shift.
  • Phil and Greg discuss designing your environment so you have to perform.  


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