Episode 14

Mastering Clear Purpose

In this episode, Phil and Greg are joined by Alan Harlam, and they discuss Mastering Clear Purpose. Alan is an Executive Coach with Sea Captain Coaching as well as the founder of Alan Harlam Coaching. Alan’s coaching is based on a collaborative process that leads to learning, growth, and change. A key specialty of his practice involves focusing on social justice and helping clients who are working to improve equity in their communities. 


  • Alan is a founding Director of the Social Innovation Initiative at Brown University’s Swearer Center. This is a pioneering program that supports student entrepreneurs with curriculum, technical skills, funding, and mentorship through all stages of their startup journey. 
  • Sea Captain Coaching devotes a significant amount of time to helping its clients master various networking and prospecting techniques to connect with new clients and those that who can influence the outcome of business goals and objectives. 
  • Alan discusses the concept of “The World Will Help You, If You Ask the Right Way,” on which he has written.   
  • A core tenet of Alan’s coaching practice is getting his clients to understand the importance of living life with intention, authenticity, and purpose. 


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