Episode 3

Pursuing Your Vision For Growth

This week, Phil and Greg discuss vision and embracing a CEO mindset. They talk about breaking free of boundaries and taking risks to pursue a vision, and they explain the metaphor of the “lighthouse beacon.” Phil encourages everyone to dream big, without any obstacles in your way.

  • CEO Mindset means taking ownership of what you do every day as well as quarterly performance. In a visionary life, you may not win every day, or every month, but you can win every quarter. This is about forecasting sales results. 
  • How do you offer guidance to your clients about establishing their vision and leading a visionary life? Dream it, then negotiate the terms. What are the obstacles? When you pursue a life of vision, you have promoters and detractors, both of whom are necessary.
  • What is the one risk that you can take that will take you to a different place?
  • The Lighthouse Beacon: with Core Values, the lighthouse beacon is shining on you. In a Visionary Life, your lighthouse beacon shines out, up to the heavens and way out to the horizon. It’s a metaphor that helps explain what a vision is, a three-year look at your personal, professional, and organizational growth. 
  • Vision is never technically attained; it’s always a changing trajectory. 
  • Greg discusses the Lighthouse Identity with marketing. When you’re trying to attract new clients, it’s important to be able to exude confidence and know what you stand for AND what you stand against. 
  • Risk taking and Conquering fear are essential in pursuing vision. People who are successful are inherently risk takers. 
  • Risk is the uncharted water of personal and professional growth. 
  • Dream big. Imagine what your life could be like with no obstacles in the way. These boundaries can halt our motion forward and sabotage our growth.  
  • Visionary living is a team sport. Your partner should understand and be willing to share in your vision. 
  • Early career success is often like getting to basecamp for a mountain climber. The challenge is now to move beyond basecamp to summit and achieve your vision. Think of your summit as where your vision lives. Those who want to summit need a Sherpa or a coach.
  • Jim Collins says in his #1 best-selling book Good to Great, “Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice and discipline.” Elements to consider are discipline, having supportive people around you (team members and life partners), determining a measure of success, and recognizing that vision evolves. If your team members can achieve their vision within your vision, there’s no reason for them to ever leave. 


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