Episode 4

The Power of a Mission-Driven Day

In this episode, you’ll hear about a mission-driven day and how you can help your clients create their own mission statements. Phil and Greg discuss determining your personal mission, shining your light out, and serving others. You will also hear about influencing individuals to pursue a team vision as well as how to determine what road hazards could be in your way.

Key Points: 

  • Your Mission is your Lighthouse beacon shining out and onto others. Phil focuses on individuals having their own mission-driven day. 
  • Active listening involves repeating back what others say and staying present with others as they move through their issues. 
  • Phil is a certified coach with the Brown School of Professional Studies. 
  • Clarity around your daily mission is about simplicity and your passion to serve.  
  • Phil experienced a rough patch in his leadership journey and used that challenging time to hone in on his mission statement. He came up with four things that, regardless of job title, employment scenario, or the opinion of others, he strives to accomplish every single day:
  • Meet someone new every day
  • Hear their story
  • Help them put their life’s puzzle together
  • Walk with them to their destination
  • Greg recalls a time when he was experiencing a rough patch and Phil said he would “walk with him” to his destination. The end result was Greg establishing his own firm, Trade Wind Marketing. 
  • In order to develop a mission statement, Phil encourages his clients to draw on a time of their life where they experienced success and the feeling of a sense of purpose. He asks them to consider what it was that made this result happen and name some characteristics that described them during this stretch.
  • Mission keeps us on task, especially when adversity creeps into our growth. Phil and Greg discuss why it’s important to keep who you serve front and center and also keep the clarity in your mission.  
  • Phil discussed individuals taking ownership for pursuing a team vision.


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