Episode 2

Gaining Core Values Clarity

In this episode of the Sea Captain Way, Phil and Greg discuss core values and the importance of uncovering yours. They’re the filters for your decision making. While establishing your core values is one step, operating within them and being true to yourself is another challenge.  

Key Points

  • Core values are an open architecture, in other words, you get to choose them. But it’s your responsibility to operate within them. Core values represent your truth. Once you establish them, they’re set. 
  • An individual’s core values serve as ground rules for living his or her best life. When your core values are front and center, there’s more direction and less conflict. Core values are about setting a course for your vision. 
  • Phil establishes what someone’s core values are by asking them what three things they’d tell their child to do in order to be a success in life. 
  • People stagnate or plateau in their career when they don’t take the risks necessary to move on. 
  • Core values are what you stand for, a leadership compass, and are a filter for decision making. 
  • Core values can be used to resolve conflicts between team members as well as ensure harmony and alignment. 
  • Listening is the act of beginning to discover the core values of others. When listening, make sure the other person is heard, relate the emotion you hear in their voice, asking permission to offer feedback.  
  • Core values are more than just words. They are the basis for beginning relationships, growing relationships, and potentially ending relationships. 
  • Core values are your core strength. 



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