Episode 1

Why Your Story Matters

The Sea Captain Way is about energizing top performers to take risks, push outside their comfort zone, and pursue life-changing goals. Co-hosted by Phil Bender, Sea Captain Coaching's Founder, and Greg Patton, President of Trade Wind Marketing, the podcast investigates what it takes to navigate the uncharted waters of personal and professional growth. 

In this episode, you will hear the story of Phil and his journey to found Sea Captain Coaching. What is the plot of your story and what makes it compelling? 

Key Points

  • Sea Captain Coaching is all about helping others navigate the uncharted waters of personal and professional growth. We work on meeting people, discovering what visionary life they want to achieve, and helping them pursue it. 
  • Phil had many coaches and mentors throughout life. Until he was 35 he never really let one in to help him achieve living a visionary life. That was when he set his course for navigating uncharted waters. 
  • Who you are is more than what you do. What gets you to Base Camp is a lot more about what you do and what you know, but to summit it takes more than just that.
  • Collaborating with clients helps them develop a compelling story about their personal journey and how that helps them connect with clients and prospects. Lead with vulnerability. Helping people articulate their character is important. It builds intimacy and allows them to pursue their hopes and dreams. 
  • Phil says his life’s goal is to be a hero. He asks people what hero traits they think about when they’re at peak performance. What are those traits? 
  • Phil had a defining moment that brought him to this career. “And that path changed me in a lot of ways, not right away, not even consciously, but to know me is to know that, from that day forward, I was going to become a protector of people. And maybe you could make a case for being my penance. But the point is that I was set to become a protector of others.”
  • It’s important to figure out your own story in order to use it in the engagement process with potential clients. Who you are is more important than what you are. 
  • Greg told his Quin Oaks branding story. (feel free to elaborate here)
  • What is your story? What makes it compelling? What are the different character layers you pull from it?



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