Episode 7

Navigating the uncharted waters of post-covid growth

In this episode, Phil and Greg are joined by Sea Captain Coach Chad Myers. They talk about the challenges and opportunities leaders face due to Covid and its after-effects. In the latter part of the conversation, Chad shares his experience writing his book Blind Vision. Tune in to this episode and hear more tips on how building brain power helps improve health and individual performance.

Key Points:  

  • Phil and Greg welcome their first guest on the show, Sea Captain Executive Coach Chad Myers. Chad offers his clients specialized expertise in developing a growth mindset and post-traumatic growth life coaching. He also co-authored a book called Blind Vision about his father’s journey of self-discovery from blinded-Vietnam veteran to successful multi-million-dollar insurance salesman and motivational speaker.
  • Life took a radical shift over the past two years because of Covid. Those in leadership are facing challenges—and opportunities—because of that.  
  • There are the parallels between Post-Covid Growth and Post-Traumatic Growth, which is covered in Chad’s book Blind Vision
  • Blind Vision is the story of Chad’s father and overcoming adversity after being blinded while in Vietnam.
  • Chad offers advice to his clients to help them get through difficult times.
  • Chad recently conducted a training seminar on post-Covid growth for medical professionals, who took the brunt of the physical and emotional toll of the pandemic. 
  • Chad has an interest in neuroscience, and his coaching curriculum talks about building brain power to improve health and individual performance.
  • There are principles to help clients achieve a higher level of motivation, accountability and meaning for their life. Covid and its after effects are an opportunity for people to rewrite their life story.
  • Phil and Chad both advise clients to begin with the end in mind when setting new goals and priorities. 
  • Chad advises clients to “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”
  • People can contact Chad at Chad@SeaCaptainCoaching.com.  


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