Episode 8

Achieving Your Brand Standard

In this episode Phil and Greg discuss “Achieving Your Brand Standard,” what that means, and building a strong brand. They discuss how to define what branding means to you and your company, as well as how to create new branding standards that will help you shine in today's marketplace. Discover the critical importance of developing a clear and consistent brand message, and learn some valuable tips on how to create a strong branding strategy.  

Key Points

  • Phil discusses why he named his business Sea Captain Coaching.
  • Greg talks about Scott Bedbury, a branding consultant and CEO of Brandstream, who elevated Nike’s and Starbucks’ branding. He says that creating a great brand is like raising a great kid. You have to be patient.  
  • Greg explains “Challenger Brand Marketing, becoming a thought leader in your industry,  and establishing a lighthouse identity. Successful brands have a clear sense of who they are and what they stand for. They radiate confidence in a way that invites prospects to navigate by their brand position in the market. 
  • It is challenging to find different ways to project your messaging and confidence when creating a new brand or growing an existing brand. When working to build or grow a  brand, one of a businesses’ primary target audiences is their own staff.  
  • Strong branding is a great recruiting tool. 
  • It’s important to develop a Unique Value Proposition. Greg and Phil both spend a lot of time working with their clients honing their bio and developing their unique story, differentiating them from competitors. This serves as a springboard to everything else. The key is to be able to deliver a consistent message across all platforms and for every team member to be able to describe the value being delivered consistently.  


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