Episode 10

Emotional Intelligence

In this episode, Phil and Greg are joined by SCC Coach Chris George, and they talk about emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the capacity to be aware of and manage one's own emotions as well as the emotions of others. Chris discusses how emotional intelligence can be used in personal relationships, in the workplace, and in other settings. 

Key Points:

  • Chris George is an accomplished Executive, Business, and Leadership coach with a background in retail management, customer service, and performing arts. His experience includes 15 years working for one of the top international luxury goods companies where he primarily focused on being a leader, trainer, and coach. 
  • Phil and Chris met at the Brown School of Professional Studies when they both were earning their coaching certification.
  • One of Chris’ areas of expertise is Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.
  • Emotional Intelligence assessments measure the interaction between a person and the environment they operate in.  
  • Chris uses different types of Emotional Intelligence assessments with his clients, including the “360 degree” assessments. Emotional Intelligence 360 assessments allow people to gain anonymous insights from peers, direct reports, supervisors, and others they choose to help enhance their performance, leadership, and interpersonal relationships. 
  • Emotional Intelligence contributes to employee development and team building. “Assessing and evaluating someone’s emotional intelligence helps establish if there is a need for targeted development programs and measures,” says Chris. “This can lead to dramatic increases in a person’s performance, interaction with others, and leadership potential. The development potential the testing identifies, and the targeted strategies it provides, make it a highly effective employee development tool.”


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